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It is ok to be Boring! by Richard Crenian

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March 3rd, 2010
Banking Money and You……by Richard Crenian
Just the facts, Ma’am:
First quarter profits…….
National Bank at $215 million up from 69 million;
BMO -Bank of Montreal $657 million from 432 million;
TD Bank shows double their quarterly profit posting a gain of 1.3 billion dollars.
These are the quarterly results of the Canadian banks. These banks are what the global standard is set by. It is obvious why.
With all the bank failures in the US (15 alone in the month of January), it is wonder why one picks Canada for safety and security. The knock about Canada and the Canadians is that they are too quiet, too polite, and too boring. If you are an investor boring is good, and if you are an investor past 45 years old, boring is great.
Oil, gold, etc have been great commodities for the rich commodity Canada. Is it any wonder why we are lucky to be here and live here? Is it any wonder that foreign investors are flocking here; wealthy immigrants are moving and wanting to move, to Canada. Boring is good sometimes, and being here in Canada we are glad.
Howard and I are both boring investor turtles, we will go slow and steady into the sunset, like we want our investments to do. Why not? We aren’t going to be around forever but when we are we will take care of our day to day concerns and leave well for those that remain.
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Richard Crenian

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