Thursday, April 2, 2009

"The New Asian Thinking?" by Richard Crenian

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April 2-09
“The New Asian Thinking?”
Our Business Partner in Asia, Darwin Forer, who is from Avonlea, Saskatchewan (Home of the world famous 1955 curling champions, The Campbell Brothers), has been living in Asia in what seems to be forever.
He and his wife live in Hong Kong, with their two young ones. Mui, Darwin’s wife is from Thailand and the nicest lady you would want to meet.
Recently Darwin emailed me about what the South East Asians are investing in and what they invested in previously..........
“- Tree farming the buzz this quarter.
-Former "oil pods" manager (it collapsed as was a ponzi scheme) is now selling Vietnam property that appears to be cheap to S.E. Asians who seem to forget it is still communist there.
- Salespeople helping “friends" sell houses located in another country
I attended the SMART property expo today; of course Land Banking companies selling, but mostly resort property around Asia, also now Cayman Island land banking. And several motivational speakers, self help etc and several running around selling weight loss programs.”
It is amazing for me to see, when the S.E. Asians, one of the smartest and most intellectual people in the world, with such a keen sense of business acumen, can fall prey to greedy and unscrupulous promoters and hucksters. Their aggressive thinking and “the chase for big returns” may skew their thinking.
Yet, Asian Government Pensions Plans invest with a long view in mind.
Howard my Canadian partner lives right. He says to enjoy the investment he plays by these rules…….1. Does it provide cash flow? 2. Is it safe and stable? And 3. Is it operated by knowledgeable people? If the answer is yes he does it.
In his younger days did he go for riskier deals? Yes! Has he been burned? Yes.
He says he is too old to lose any money these days. Besides he says that it is for his kids and grandkids! He just needs a little money to eat and buy gas!
Call him in Tucson, he’s still golfing!! 4036304544.

Richard Crenian

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