Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"The Smell of A New Car Interior!" by Richard Crenian

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April 28, 2009

“The Smell of the New Car Interior!”

If you have been lucky enough to buy or lease a new car, you know what I mean. There is never quite like the smell of a new car interior.

When I was a kid, Uncle Mike and I used to work on older cars, and I was lucky enough to have owned some pretty hot cars, but none more than $400.00.
I had to borrow the money for that first car, but that beautiful 1966 Olds Cutlass was a beaut!

Although it was written off, (only a fender), the motor and and interior still looked good. While all the kids were partying, Uncle Mike and I worked on that beast, and bought used body parts to bring it up to sniff! Then a $99 Maaco paint job made that car smoke!!
So proud was I that I sold the beast for $600 and couldn’t believe that I made a profit from all that hard work!! The profit was small, after all expenses, but I was making $1.75 an hour so fifty dollars was like a billion to me.

Too bad that the majors didn’t take a lesson from a young boy. Instead of making a billion they are losing billions.
It really is sad.

Chrysler and why just a few months ago Kirk Kerkorian was trying to buy Ford. (See my previous blog below.) I guess as we retire, we need to make sure we have safe and secure investments. We used to say “ as strong as GM.”
That is no longer. Howard and his family grew up in Saskatchewan. They have been through the dirty thirties, He believes in slow and steady wins the race. Ask him what he does for investments? 403-630 4544.

Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
January 8th -09

“Kirk what were ye thinking?”

I was reading about Kirk Kerkorian, the investor that made his billions in real estate in southern Nevada. His story is great and it’s always nice to read about someone that can overcome adversity and does it all himself. Not bad for a guy that didn’t speak English until he started school. Today he is rated at 41st richest man in the US although the new rankings haven’t come out yet.


Today he is 91 years old and still has all the fire in the world to spirit him along.

So what has happened to Kirk as he is supposed to retire and enjoy all the fruits of his labor and his life? At 91 I hope to have his fire and drive but I would know better than to risk my money at 91.

Here is what happened.

Kirk decides he is going to buy shares of Ford. “Kerkorian's stake in Ford peaked in June, when he owned 6.49 percent after paying $1 billion at an average share price of $7.10. He began scaling back his ownership in October, selling shares at an average price of $2.43 each, according to regulatory filings. That marked a loss of about two-thirds of his investment, or roughly $650 million.” (from the Huffington Post).

Kirk when I am 91, I am going golfing with Howard and investing in cash flow real estate where you made your money first!! What’s the matter with you? What were ye thinking??

Richard Crenian

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